Coconut Oil Equine & Canine Dog Soap with Pure Lavender Essential Oils & added Poppy Seeds

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  1. Coconut Oil - provides a high foaming lather and is also known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It nourishes with Vitamin E, moisturising and cleansing at the same time!
  2. Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) - Traditionally known for its calming scent lavender has been used to support anxiety, depression, skin irritation, and promote relaxation since ancient times.
  3. Poppy Seeds (Papaver Somniferum) - The texture of the Poppy Seeds is excellent for grip as you hold onto the bar to scrub your furry family member. It also helps lather the soap and scrub away dirt and grime.

The outer scent of the bar will fade over time, but return as the bar is used and the oils within are released.

100g - Single dog households
200g - Soap on a Rope, multi-dog or horse households
The 200 g bars of soap are attached to a biodegradable hemp rope that slips over your hand making it easy to hold while you scrub. You can also hang it up when not in use

*WholistiSOAPs are not suitable for puppies or foals under the age of 14 weeks. Avoid contact with the eyes during use and always test on a small area of skin or hair to ensure there is no reaction before first use. Any being can have an allergy no matter how natural the product is!



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Let's work together to design your very own custom-made WholistiBEADS!

A $30 deposit is required at the time of submitting your custom-made WholistiBEADS order form. Once your WholistiBEADS are complete, an invoice will be sent for the remainder of the cost and payment must be received before your WholistiBEADS will be posted.

Here’s How it Works
Complete our custom-made WholsitBEADS order form by following this link.

From the information you have provided, I will design your custom-made WholistiBEADS
When the final design is agreed upon, Amanda will make your custom-made set and post it to you within 5 business days.

Rest assured no two sets are the same when made specifically for you and your horse.

Interested in incorporating gemstones into your set but unsure which ones to use?
I offer energetic readings with your horse. I use my intuition and crystal pendulum to connect to your horse via a photo and enable them to share with me which gemstones they will benefit from.

You can see how I do these sessions on my YouTube channel.

These sessions include distance energetic cleansing with smoke from either sage or incense.

Custom-made sets range from $90 to $140. Each set will be priced individually to reflect your chosen design.

Postage fees apply.
A flat rate shipping fee of $9.95 Australia Wide.
International shipping is a flat rate of $26.95

We can’t wait to see your horse in their WholistiBEADS!
If you have any questions please contact me.

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