Hi Community, I would like to share with you six reasons why these ‘yes, very pretty horse necklaces’ may just become your new best piece of training equipment!

I hope to open your minds on why WholistiBEADS are wonderful to use with your horses and may just become your next go to item.

#1 – They can be a great training tool

  • The soothing sound of the bells provides focus. Helping you and your horse to be mindful in the moment.
  • They divert you and your horse’s attention away from unwanted distractions.
  • They can help young, nervous and spooky horses concentrate. The same applies to riders too 😉
  • The sound of the bells can help you tune into the movement of your horse, picking up on any changes in strides.
  • This can be especially helpful for endurance riders, show jumpers and cross-country riders where striding is paramount.
  • They help you focus on a consistent rhythm when schooling and asking for dressage movements, making each footfall easy to hear and respond to.
  • They will guide you to hearing you are on the correct diagonal and the correct canter lead.
  • They can alert other people and wild animals of your presence when out trail riding, causing your horse to become less spooky when out and about.
  • They help the rider hear and in turn create a consistent rhythm – which is the first step on the Pyramid of Training. Along with relaxation. Meaning they help you towards achieving two steps in the Pyramid of Training!
  • They promote a sense of harmony between you and your horse.
How many times have you been advised to hum a tune or sing a song if you become anxious when riding your horse?

The same concept applies to using WholistiBEADS. They provide white noise and focus, helping to lower blood pressure and slow your breathing.

#2 – Colour psychology plays a big role in the use of WholistiBEADS

  • We all have our favourite colours, right? Ever wondered why that is?!
  • Every colour provides us with a feeling.
  • Each colour has a different meaning – for example, we all know that Yellow is associated with joy and happiness and red is associated with danger, but also love and passion.

#3 – WholistiBEADS sets made with gemstones hold healing properties, for both horse and rider

  • We all know gemstones are very beautiful, but did you know they offer healing properties too.
  • Each gemstone has its own unique energy and cellular healing vibrations.
  • This energy and vibration resonates both with people and animals.
  • They help to settle any imbalances throughout the mind, body and spirit.
  • Gemstones can help to balance the chakras

#4 – They enhance the natural beauty of your horse


  • We have adorned our horses in an array of decorative attire for centuries, why not join in the fun.
  • They were worn as a sign of honour and respect when traditionally used by Native Americans.

#5 – They make the perfect accessory to your matchy match gear

#6 – They make a beautiful and unique gift that won’t break the bank

I have been thinking how I can include my crystal healing into The Wholistic Equestrian services. When I found the WholistiBEADS about a year ago, I knew this would be the way forward.

I use crystals in my Reiki healing and have seen the transformations they can make in people’s lives.

Rhythm Beads are not a new ‘trend’. They have been used for 1000s of years. Initially by Native Americans who adorned their horses and themselves in colour, symbols and beads before war and for ceremonies. Each colour. Each symbol. Each bead. Everything was chosen with great thought, care and connection.

The Wholistic Equestrian is very proud to share with you that we are adding this beautiful healing element to our range.

Not only working with colour but with natural stones that have proven properties to support you and your horses unique journey.

The Wholistic Equestrian WholistiBEADS will be offered in three styles.

🌟 A set made completely with Gemstone

  • All beads on this set are a combination of gemstones to suit you and your horse’s needs.


🌟 A combination of coloured beads and gemstones

  • These sets are mainly made using colourful beads.
  • They also include a combination of 30 gemstones.
  • The colours of the beads and gemstones represent something special and unique to you and your horse.
🌟 A set made completely with colourful beads

  • The colours chosen are to reflect you and your horse’s needs.
  • Pendants and trinkets added all have their own meanings, enabling the WholistiBEADS for you and your horse to be very bespoke.

I am currently trialling a couple of styles to showcase what they look like as not everyone is familiar with WholistiBEADS.

In the not too distant future I will be offering consultations for which gemstones and coloured beads may suit your horse. This can include providing crystals for certain types of healing, past abuse, loss of a herd mate, injuries etc.

Being a Reiki Level 2 healer, I can sit with your gemstone WholistiBEADS and offer Reiki healing specifically for you and your horse.


A Word About Safety

  • All WholistiBEADS are designed to snap if your horse gets caught.
  • The leather cord will snap easily without a lot of pressure.
  • Waxed cotton thread has a high breaking point but will snap if your horse gets caught. This style is suitable for vegans. No animal products are used.
  • Paracord 550 is used for its strength and durability and has a breaking point of 550lbs.
  • WholistiBEADS should NEVER be left on your horse unattended. You always need to be with your horse while they are wearing this item. They should not be left on when your horse is tied, in a float, or left in their paddock or stable.
  • WholistiBEADS come with an alligator clip to hold them in place. These are to be attached to the horse’s mane only, never the saddle or any other piece of tack.
  • WholistiBEADS should not be used as a neck rope.
  • All beads are securely knotted into place. No beads should become loose during activity.


Watch this space for more information coming soon on…

  • Colour psychology, what each colour represents and how it may help you and your horse
  • Gemstones and each of their healing properties
  • Photos and testimonials
  • How to introduce your horse to WholistiBEADS
  • How to use WholistiBEADS
  • How to keep and clean your WholistiBEADS
  • How to measure your horse for a set of WholistiBEADS

Have a Happy Day
Amanda 🌿

Order Your WholistiBEADS Today!
Ready to order your very own Custom Made WholistiBEADS?

Use the contact form to get in touch and discuss your unique requirements for you and your equine bestie.

Let's work together to design your very own custom-made WholistiBEADS!

A $30 deposit is required at the time of submitting your custom-made WholistiBEADS order form. Once your WholistiBEADS are complete, an invoice will be sent for the remainder of the cost and payment must be received before your WholistiBEADS will be posted.

Here’s How it Works
Complete our custom-made WholsitBEADS order form by following this link.

From the information you have provided, I will design your custom-made WholistiBEADS
When the final design is agreed upon, Amanda will make your custom-made set and post it to you within 5 business days.

Rest assured no two sets are the same when made specifically for you and your horse.

Interested in incorporating gemstones into your set but unsure which ones to use?
I offer energetic readings with your horse. I use my intuition and crystal pendulum to connect to your horse via a photo and enable them to share with me which gemstones they will benefit from.

You can see how I do these sessions on my YouTube channel.

These sessions include distance energetic cleansing with smoke from either sage or incense.

Custom-made sets range from $90 to $140. Each set will be priced individually to reflect your chosen design.

Postage fees apply.
A flat rate shipping fee of $9.95 Australia Wide.
International shipping is a flat rate of $26.95

We can’t wait to see your horse in their WholistiBEADS!
If you have any questions please contact me.

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