How Reiki Can Help Horses

  • Ease feelings of anxiety, sadness, or scarcity after the loss of a herd member or integration of a new horse into the herd
  • Release and process past trauma
  • Restore balance if they seem ‘off’
  • Calm down when they are anxious or over-excited
  • Suffering from illness
  • Relax and rest while on box rest or stressed when separated from their herd
  • Recover from injury faster
  • Balance any energy blocks
How Reiki Can Help Humans
  • Relaxation/stress relief
  • Emotional balancing
  • Releasing and processing past trauma
  • Grounding/calming
  • Relax and heal injured areas of the body

If you seek Reiki for a deeper connection with your horse, Amanda can also support you with meditations to help you ground and focus together.

Reiki can be a hands-on or touch-free experience. It all depends on what you and/or your horse need. Often areas that are acutely injured are uncomfortable to the touch. Amanda can offer Reiki without inflicting any additional discomfort.

Amanda witnesses the best results when offering Reiki within your horse’s natural environment – in their herd, paddock, or an area that allows them to move around freely. If your horse lives at an agistment, we must offer Reiki at a quiet time or in a place where they will not be disturbed. Amanda starts each session by spending time introducing herself to the horses. It is ok if they do not wish to acknowledge her presence or engage with her in any way. Reiki healing will still work on an energetic level.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing. Amanda will access healing Reiki energy during your session to help remove blocks and restore balance to you or your horse.

This healing method promotes well-being on all levels, from energetic and spiritual to the physical realm. While Reiki can stand on its own, it’s also safe for use in conjunction with Western and other complementary medicines.

Traditional medicine and veterinary practices separate the body from the mind and spirit. This is unfortunate because often, physical illnesses are a symptom of emotional trauma or imbalance. Reiki addresses the root causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems by helping to release and eliminate negative energies.

Amanda offers reiki sessions for humans (in her home in Warnbro, WA) and horses in the Perth metro area and Peel region. Amanda’s goal is to help you and/or your horse completely relax and return to a state of well-being. If you would like an appointment outside of this area, Amanda is happy to discuss travel or virtual sessions via phone or email.

Amanda’s Reiki Room
Amanda offers relaxing spaces for Reiki in her home using an extra-large therapy bed that is comfortable for most people.

You have the option of receiving your session in Amanda’s garden while listening to the relaxing noises of the waterfall, or inside in Amanda’s healing room if the weather is chilly.

Amanda often uses crystals and essential oils. Please let her know if this is something you do not wish to experience.

All Reiki sessions are performed clothed. Amanda simply asks that you remove your shoes.

*A travel fee of $1 per km applies to anyone requesting an appointment outside Amanda’s service area, a 30km radius around Warnbro, WA.

Amanda often sees results from one treatment, but horses and humans typically get the most out of Reiki when they schedule a course of treatments over time. Each individual is different. Amanda can help you decide the interval and length of treatment best for you or your horse at your consultation appointment.

Amanda offers a discount for bookings of 3 or more treatments following your initial consultation. A minimum of 3 sessions must be booked before your follow-up treatment and paid in full to qualify for this offer.

NOTE: Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medical or veterinary care. If you or your horse needs medical attention, please seek the help of a trained medical professional.

Cancellation Policy

Occasionally you may need to cancel your appointments at short notice. Amanda kindly requests as much notice as possible if you need to re-schedule.

  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before appointment – full treatment cost due.
  • Cancellation less than 48 hours before appointment – half treatment cost due.
  • Cancellation more than 48 hours before the appointment – no charge.
The Wholistic Equestrian Promise
Your horse is free to express their needs during sessions with Amanda. There is no “good or bad” behaviour, only communication. Amanda will listen to them and do everything she can to get as much done while honouring their boundaries, comfort, and needs. No horse is ever forced to stand still, continue when it is too much, or even accept treatment if they are not ready.

Amanda believes in putting the horse first. Amanda never use force, fear, or intimidation in her work, and always listens to what your equine has to say. Amanda always enables and encourages your horse to move around as much as they need to during the session. They do not have to be perfectly still for the treatment to work.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Work with Amanda to design your very own custom made WholistiBEADS!

A $30 deposit is required at the time of submitting your custom made WholistiBEADS order form. Once your WholistiBEADS are complete, an invoice will be sent for the remainder of the cost and payment must be received before your WholistiBEADS will be posted.

Here’s How it Works

Complete our custom made WholsitBEADS order form by following this link
From the information you have provided, Amanda will email you photos of available options that suit your design
Once you have agreed upon colours, pendants and any gemstones, Amanda will design your custom made WholistiBEADS
When the final design is agreed upon, Amanda will make your custom set and post it to you within 5 business days

Rest assured no two sets are the same when made specifically for you and your horse.

Please be aware that any requests to change colours, designs or gemstones may incur extra costs.

Custom made sets range from $75 to $120, the most expensive sets are made completely with gemstones, no acrylic beads are used. Each set will be priced individually to reflect your chosen design.

WholistiBEAD prices are inclusive of postage and handling within Australia. International shipping is available, postage fees apply, these vary based on your location.

We can’t wait to see your horse in their WholistiBEADS!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Three Diamond Meditation

This is a magical practice for you to do in the presence of your horse – designed to bring your three energy centres, Earth, Heaven, and Heart Ki, into balance. Your horse will enjoy the feeling of you becoming centred in their presence.

This exercise will create a calm environment, allowing you to deepen your connection with your horse.

Download the free meditation to help bring your three energy centres into balance to get started.

Congratulations! Keep an eye on your inbox for your download.

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