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Would you like your very own custom made set of WholistiBEADS to suit you and your horse?

How Can WholistiBEADS Help You & Your Horse?

  1. The soothing sounds of the bells provide focus
  2. Divert you and your horse’s attention away from unwanted distractions
  3. Help young, nervous and spooky horses concentrate
  4. Tune in to your horse’s movement and pick up on any changes in strides
  5. Learn to feel each movement 
  6. Alert other people and wild animals of your presence 
  7. Help the rider hear and create a consistent rhythm in their body
  8. Promote a sense of harmony between you and your horse 
  9. Enhance the natural beauty of your horse
  10. Make the perfect accessory to your matchy matchy gear 
  11. Sets containing gemstones help settle imbalances throughout the mind, body and spirit 

What My Clients Have to Say

Healing Gemstones

When buying WholistiBEADs, you can choose if you would like to add gemstone beads or pendants to your own customised set.

We have a range of gemstones and can source more if you don’t see what you want. Please note that there will be a delay for special orders. Our gemstone beads can only be paired with acrylic beads due to sizing.

Why add Gemstones to your WholistiBEADS set?

Gemstones have been used in healing rituals and practices for centuries. Nearly every culture globally used crystals at some point in history and they are still prevalent today.

Each crystal holds a unique vibration, a specific chemical composition, properties and healing energies. By adding gemstones to your custom-made set, you can help bring balance back to your horse and promote self-healing.

In 2021 I became a certified Crystal Healer. I offer energetic readings with your horse to help chose gemstones that will specifically support their individual needs. I am a Reiki Level 2 healer. I can sit with your WholsitiBEADS set with gemstones and offer Reiki healing specifically for you and your horse.

How to Measure – 10 Simple Steps to Ensure Accurate Measurements

Use a piece of string or bailer twine to ensure accurate measurements. Thicker materials like lead ropes or lunge lines cause measurement errors.

Measurements are taken around the ‘driveline’ – just in front of the shoulder.

If you use a breastplate or any other type of tack around your horse’s chest, please measure with this in place.

Measure Around the Driveline

  • Using your string, measure from in front of the withers around the neck and back to the withers.
  •  Add 1 -2 inches to allow the beads to sit comfortably.
  • Tie the string, loose enough to be able to adjust if required, to assess where you would like your WholistiBEADS to sit.
  • Make any required adjustments to where you would like your WholistiBEADS to sit and tie a knot.

Tie a Knot in the String

  • Slip the loop calmly over your horse’s head once you are happy with your measurements. If your horse is not comfortable with this, cut the string at the desired size.
  • Place your piece of string or bailer twine against a tape measure to record the length of cord you require.
  • If the string is still tied, ensure it is pulled tightly alongside the tape measure and double your measurements to acquire the needed length.
  • If you were unable to tie the string to take over your horse’s head, measure the total length.

Measure the String

We can make designs to suit any size horse! Each set comes with a toggle to make slight adjustments to sizing as your horse changes through the seasons. All sets include an alligator clip to attach to the horse’s mane and hold the beads in place.

If you are ever unsure about how to measure, please contact us

The arrow in the image points to where the driveline is

Are WholistiBEADS Safe?

  • All WholistiBEADS are designed to snap if your horse gets caught.
  • The leather cord will snap easily without a lot of pressure.
  • Waxed cotton thread has a high breaking point but will snap if your horse gets caught. This style is suitable for vegans. No animal products are used.
  • Paracord 550 is used for its strength and durability and has a breaking point of 550lbs.
  • WholistiBEADS should NEVER be left on your horse unattended. You always need to be with your horse while they are wearing this item. They should not be left on when your horse is tied, in a float, or left in their paddock or stable.
  • WholistiBEADS come with an alligator clip to hold them in place. These are to be attached to the horse’s mane only, never the saddle or any other piece of tack.
  • WholistiBEADS should not be used as a neck rope.
  • All beads are securely knotted into place. No beads should become loose during activity.

The Wholistic Equestrian is not responsible for any injury or damage whilst using or wearing WholistiBEADS.

Let's work together to design your very own custom-made WholistiBEADS!

A $30 deposit is required at the time of submitting your custom-made WholistiBEADS order form. Once your WholistiBEADS are complete, an invoice will be sent for the remainder of the cost and payment must be received before your WholistiBEADS will be posted.

Here’s How it Works
Complete our custom-made WholsitBEADS order form by following this link.

From the information you have provided, I will design your custom-made WholistiBEADS
When the final design is agreed upon, Amanda will make your custom-made set and post it to you within 5 business days.

Rest assured no two sets are the same when made specifically for you and your horse.

Interested in incorporating gemstones into your set but unsure which ones to use?
I offer energetic readings with your horse. I use my intuition and crystal pendulum to connect to your horse via a photo and enable them to share with me which gemstones they will benefit from.

You can see how I do these sessions on my YouTube channel.

These sessions include distance energetic cleansing with smoke from either sage or incense.

Custom-made sets range from $90 to $140. Each set will be priced individually to reflect your chosen design.

Postage fees apply.
A flat rate shipping fee of $9.95 Australia Wide.
International shipping is a flat rate of $26.95

We can’t wait to see your horse in their WholistiBEADS!
If you have any questions please contact me.

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