The Magical Power of Mares
Mares have the most magical power within them. They’ll teach us some incredible lessons if we are willing to learn. When a mare is truly seen and allowed to be unapologetically herself, she is fully in her power, and the magic that unfolds is unmatched by anything else on earth.

A mare that clashes with others is a mare that isn’t seen, or allowed to express herself. When we fail to listen, things go awry as they tell us louder and louder. The person who fails to recognise the magic of mares is a person who has much healing work of their own to do, and if they allow it, their mare can show them the way. 

If you open your heart, a mare will shake up your life and force you to step into your truth and your power. She’ll take you on a journey and teach you lessons in the most incredible way. Mares note and push back against your resistance, challenging you to face the things that are standing in your way. 

They are souls with a purpose. They show up in our lives for a reason.

Allow Them to Be
If you are lucky enough to have a mare in your life, honour the space she gives you and allow her to be who she is. Be her advocate! Stand up against the foul language many people use with them – moody, bossy, mean, and worse.

The people who use those words are scared of the magic of mares—intimidated by their power and deep soulfulness. If we can gently teach these people to be open to what mares teach us, we can change the world.

Sadly, most mares are not lucky enough to be fully expressed. Instead, they are forced to live and operate by rules and oppression that don’t allow them to live in their power. The same goes for most women.

The patriarchal structure of our world puts us in boxes to meet the needs of others in our families and the workplace. For example, misogyny dictates that a gelding can go around with his ears back, and a man can yell at his employees, but if a mare or a woman does the same, they are overly emotional, bossy, and mean.

Have you ever wanted to throw your head back and scream at the hypocrisy and injustice of this? That is essentially what your mare is doing when she exhibits “dangerous” behaviour. She is rebelling against the ties that prevent her from being fully herself. 

As a woman, you know how she feels. What if, instead of forcing her back into her box, we cut those ties and rebelled with her? We can start by respecting her boundaries and addressing her discomfort instead of writing off her every emotion as “mareish.”

Here’s To A New Way of Thinking as a Human
A new way of being is just starting to become part of our consciousness. The more we can release ourselves of patriarchal expectations and catch ourselves when we pass these crazy judgements that misogyny has ingrained in us, the quicker this transformation will come to fruition.

Anyone’s value, independent of their gender, is not rooted in what they can do for others. It’s rooted in their quality of life. How they feel about themselves, how they show up in the world, how they find joy and happiness is what matters. As long as we do not harm others in this pursuit, no one has room to judge.

Mares have been setting this example for us for years, and it’s time for us to listen! They know that the best days are spent grounding in nature and soaking up the sunshine. They also know that they can’t take proper care of their herd unless they put their own needs first. These are important lessons to learn and embody.

Here’s To A New Way of Being For Mares
The treatment of mares in the horse world is a horrifying illustration of the societal structure discussed above.

A mare must “earn her keep” to be worthy. She has to be rideable, do a job of a working horse, or take her owner to shows, clinics, and around trails. If she fails to do this successfully for any reason, she is often turned into a broodmare, forced to pump out foal after foal only to have them removed from her care and sold for profit.

Those foals aren’t for her enjoyment. Instead, they are how she earns her keep. Once she cannot do this job any more, she is often turned out to pasture with minimal care or euthanised.

My Lucy would be categorised as a useless horse by most. She isn’t backed, and she may never be. Lucy doesn’t like anyone who agrees with the ideology outlined above and isn’t afraid to let them know. She won’t ever have a foal for my profit.

Some people roll their eyes and judge me for caring for her and loving her the way I do. I’m sad for those people. They are so wrapped up in their idea of a useful horse that they miss that magic of their equines. 

Lucy and I are connected on a soul level. She has let me in under all of her layers of protection because I have shown her that it is safe to do so. I won’t try to change her or force her or do anything that causes her fear or discomfort. She is safe to be unapologetically herself when she is with me as with I am with her. That is all we want from each other. That’s all anyone should ever want from another.

Here’s To Waking Up Together
Lucy is teaching me to redefine the way I value myself. To step into this new way of being where my happiness, contentment, and healing come first. She sets an excellent example and isn’t afraid to call me out when I struggle with societal judgement.

Your horse can walk with you on this same journey of unlearning what society has demanded of us and redefining how you value them and yourself. You don’t have to contribute anything or produce anything to be valuable. Neither does your horse.

When you work to see it in each other, you will be able to see it in yourselves better, and then you will learn to extend this awareness out into the way you view society.

Are you ready to practice stepping into your power, and allowing your mare to step into hers? Try the Reiki three diamond meditation in the presence of your mare and see what comes up. Honour their space and be with her rather than doing anything. Practice clearing your blockages together as you step into this higher level of consciousness.

The Three Diamonds Meditation
As always, any questions, ask away.

Have a Happy Day
Amanda 💜

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