Our senior horses have given us their everything. Let’s provide them with the best possible care and support as a way to say thank you.

How many memories do you have with your faithful old friend? Have they been part of your life for as long as you can remember? Are they a more recent addition, perhaps a companion for another horse? Or, did you buy an older horse to give you confidence to get back in the saddle and enjoy many more hours doing the thing you love most in the world?

There are so many reasons you are blessed to have an older horse in your life. They have provided you with endless hours of sheer happiness. Giving you peace and serenity from an otherwise stressful life. Their wisdom teaches you to slow down, enjoy life at a quieter pace, not to react so quickly to any given moment, and to cherish what is here and now. 

We know the privilege of having an older horse in our lives, comes with the need for a little extra TLC. Common issues that creep in are arthritis, Cushing’s Disease and general aches and pains.

Your faithful friend, who once galloped around at the speed of light, has started to slow down. They take longer to get up after they’ve been snoozing in the sun, you see them move a little slower and know it’s time to help them out.

Herbs are an amazing option to support your elderly friend in a natural and non-invasive way. They can easily be added to feed or mixed into a paste.

Below is a selection of herbs and the ways they are known to help the senior horse.

9 Herbs That May Benefit Your Senior Horse in Their Later Years


  • Found naturally in the body of humans and animals
  • An essential building block for the joints, including ligaments, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid
  • As we get older, our own glucosamine levels fall, cartilage becomes less flexible and connective tissue deteriorates so a supplement may be beneficial
  • Traditionally known to support the long-term health of joints, ligaments and cartilage in horses
  • A wonderful supplement to give to horses of any age
  • May help to protect against repetitive joint stress, injury and ageing, there is some evidence that glucosamine might slow this process

MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane

  • Traditionally known to support joint flexibility, alleviate pain associated with joints, ligaments and tendons and promote healthy joint function
  • Works well when paired with Glucosamine
  • Is a sulphur containing compound in a form the body can readily use
  • Plays a critical role for the formation of protein such as enzymes, hormones and immune cells, as well as connective tissues such as bones, tendons and ligaments www.smartpakequine.com
  • Known to support healthy joints, skin and coat, including hooves, the respiratory tract and other tissues

Celery Seeds

  • Traditionally known to have a warming effect which may support older or run-down horses, especially those who are reluctant to eat
  • May benefit horses with arthritis and joint issues
  • Known to support mobility, easing muscle and joint stiffness
  • Also know to support the digestive system as a tonic
  • Often used as a diuretic, helping the body eliminate an accumulation of built up waste products


  • Has been used for centuries for its benefits to the whole body
  • Has powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the Curcumin may help relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis, such as swelling, inflammation and joint stiffness
  • Supports the digestive system

White Willow Bark Powder

  • Contains Salicin which converts back Salicylic Acid in the body, this is one of the original sources of aspirin
  • Traditionally used for treating pain
  • Known for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • May be helpful in relieving pain and swelling, especially in joints, helping to improve mobility


  • Rosehip has traditionally been used as a tonic herb for the whole body
  • May help to benefit the immune system, aid tissue repair, reduce inflammation and help relieve symptoms of arthritis

Hawthorn Berry & Leaf

  • Used for centuries as a heart tonic
  • Traditionally known to improve blood circulation
  • Helps to flush toxins built up in the joints
  • Active constituents relax and dilate the arteries

Chaste Tree Berry

  • May help to promote the normal function and regulation of the pituitary gland
  • Contains steroidal precursors which helps the body balance hormones
  • May help to reduce ‘fuzzy coat’ appearance
  • Chaste Tree Berry is not a cure for Cushing’s Disease but is used to support the Cushings horse

Sheep Sorrel

  • Traditionally known to cleanse the blood
  • Helps to rid toxic build ups in the body
  • Contains B-Carotene (the precursor to vitamin A) and vitamins C, D, E, K and B Complex, as well a range of minerals including Silicon, Sulphur and Copper
  • A powerful antioxidant herb

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